This empty shell sits alone in silence wondering, “Who Am I,”
but discovers only silence enveloping a once symphonic presence.

“Who Am I” again surfaces from time to time, balancing the moments of deep inner thought with moments of complete emptiness.

Does the blade of grass wonder to itself, “Who Am I” as it grows? Does it care whether or not it is feeding off the sunlight, receiving nourishment from the life-saving rains, or care that it is about to be cut down once again?

In the mirror stands the seeker,
ever asking, “Who Am I,” but never responding – just watching
and waiting for that moment of complete surrender and emptiness.

Who Am I does not matter anymore. All that matters is that I Am at this moment, right this very minute, I exist.
I can be nothing more, nor anything less than who and what I am at this very moment.

I Am.

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