Green Shoes

You’re here now……
I know and I think you know,
This place is your final earthly stop on the journey.
We share this bond of knowing, you and I,
Yet not sharing our  “ secret” with others,
Spare others the pain of knowing, we think…

I visit you , your frail body now wracked with pain,
A shell of the person you once were.
Your breathing now labored at times
I read scripture to you,
the labored breaths now easier, if only for a brief time

Hospice is now an active participant in your care…
And I think we both know that our time together here
On earth will be short,
But we are grateful for the time we do have together
Yet that remains our unspoken secret..
Spare others the pain——

You’re here now ;
Stripped of your independence,
Few choices remain,
When meals are served,
‘it’s time for your bath”, someone says
“it’s time for us to get you up’, another calls out.
And you struggle so to remain “in charge”___
Choices now removed


A visit to our thrift shop ..
I see three pair of crocheted bedroom shoes and I think of you
A bright green pair with pom -pom tassels ;
“Linda will like these”, I think,
But she needs choices……

I leave the thrift shop with all three pair;
I want you to have choices..
To make decisions!

I arrive to visit you, shoes in hand.

I introduce myself….. I see in them their love for you

I want you to have choices, don’t take that away!
I show you the pairs of shoes and you select the ……green pair
You ask that I put them on your feet
I gently remove the blue socks, fearful that I might hurt you

———feet now calloused from years of hard work and living on the streets,
——feet no longer able to support your now frail  body

I remember how Jesus washed the feet of His disciples..
I fought back the tears, wondering if this would be the last act of God’s love I could give you

Green shoes…….you said
Green! , new growth, new beginnings, spring, green pastures
Green shoes.. To lead you to green pastures, to take you to still waters
Green shoes….you said
Green shoes to take you into God’s arms, to dwell with him forever more!
And now a home and at home

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