Letters to the Editor

Dear Editor,

It was the fall of 2013 that I learned of the publication of Convergent Streams . I recall the excitement I had on learning that a publication specific to the Independent Sacramental Movement (ISM) existed. I immediately ordered all of the back issues as well as the current issue for that time.  In fact I keep the hard copies on my night stand and will often return to and re-read an article (s).

There is a need for ongoing communication and sharing within the ISM. Convergent Streams provides an avenue for that. The challenge to the magazines continued success as well as the enhancement of communication within the movement is making others aware that such a publication exists .

The magazine from my perspective added a degree or level of validity to the movement. Although some may disagree with this statement , I believe this to be true . I like perhaps a number o others find myself frequently explaining  who and what I am and who and what , we are. Convergent Streams serves as a resource for advancing that identity .

Keep up the great work!

In Service With You,
Bishop Carl Matthews
Christs Catholic Church
Diocese of the Gentle Shepherd
Goldston, North Carolina

About Bishop Greer Godsey

Bishop Greer (Gregory) Godsey is the Presiding Bishop of the Old Catholic Churches International, Inc. as well as the Founding Editor of Convergent Streams magazine. They have been a bishop in the Old Catholic Movement for over 25 years. They live in South Carolina with their daughter and spouse.

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