Mama Williams’ Quiche


2 pats (slices) of real butter
Jimmy Dean Italian Sausage
Two Handfuls of Spinach
5 or 6 small mushrooms
½ cup cheese
1/3 of a bell pepper
1/3 of a small onion
5 eggs
Black Pepper
1/3 cup of milk
(Hydrogen Peroxide to sterilize)


Grease a medium sized quiche pan with real butter. You can put the butter in the oven for about 3 minutes to make this easier, since real butter doesn’t like to spread. Tear about an inch and a half of Jimmy Dean Italian Sausage into tiny pieces and fry it in a small pan, then put it aside. Take two handfuls of spinach as well as the mushrooms and wash them well. Since you are going to cook it, you don’t have to use hydrogen peroxide in the water, but we do anyway. Tear the spinach by hand into small pieces. After washing the mushrooms, let it all drain in a colander while you do the next steps. Slice and grate approximately a ½ cup of cheese. Chop about a third of a bell pepper, a third of a small onion, as well as the mushrooms. Beat the eggs together with salt and pepper to taste, preferably in a pouring bowl. Add in all of the other ingredients and stir. (Don’t forget the milk.) Pour all of it into the quiche pan and bake on 350 for about 12 minutes or until the quiche can be stuck with a fork and the fork comes out clean.

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