The Holy Cross

The meaning of the Cross in the life of the Christian is one that is bitter sweet. Bitter because of the pain and suffering which the cross represents when Jesus the don of the Divine was crucified for no crime other than speaking a new truth. Jesus truth which he was killed for was calling people to a universal love for all people. Jesus was killed for professing that the God of his tradition which was far distant was truly right in their midst and was indeed himself. Jesus dies because he truly believed that the Divine loved all people especially those who were not considered to be lovable due to their lifestyle, genetics, ethnicity or nationality. Jesus died because he was convinced that the kingdom of unity was at hand and would become reality as people loved each other as he did.

The sweetness of the cross is what happened on Easter Sunday. Even though Jesus died on the cross thinking he was a failure and perhaps that his life was foolish he is raised by the love of the Father on Easter. The resurrected Jesus who we follow and celebrate each Easter Season is the one who called us to be his hands and feet and his love. The Jesus we pray to and ask to help us calls us to write the last chapters of the gospel with our lives. The sweetness of the cross is that you and I have the indwelling trinity within us and we are called not only to experience it for our self but to help others experience the same indwelling trinity of peace, love and healing. We are the church and we house the Spirit of the Divine in us and we are called like Jesus was to call forth that Spirit within all people and creation.
The sign of the cross is a sign of new life and hope to those who believe it. If we carry our cross-no matter what it is emotionally, spiritually or physically we will be healed by the saving power of the Divine who resurrected Jesus from the dead and will do the same to you and me. The cross is not the end it is only the beginning if we dare believe and search not outwardly but within for the meaning of our life which dwells within. We are the new resurrected people of the Lord and we are called to carry the crosses of others so that in the end there will be one Christ loving himself and that will be me and you and all people as St. Augustine once said.

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