The Purpose of God in the Humanity of His Son

Through the ages and the different traditions they have always taught us about the need for salvation and the fulfillment of a promise.

We believe we know all about salvation and the fulfillment of that promise, but a big question arises: do we know the real purpose that God has in his son? We could find many possible answers. Answers that do not stop being valid, as, for example: the purpose of God in the humanity of his son is to save us and free us from sin.

We can also find answers in this way: God’s purpose in the humanity of his son was to fulfill the promise of the sending of a Messiah who would restore everything.

Answers such as these can be found and are not less or more important, but are different ways of appreciating God’s intentionality, a very deep intentionality and that no argument can refute, much less define what it is that has motivated God to become human

Perhaps human beings always seek an answer to everything and that this answer is very convincing and above all viable, but we never imagined that God’s intentions always overflowed our reasons, as well as our perceptions of things and situations.

Maybe we are thinking that everything comes through the effect of faith, in fact it seems to be, but here is something that the human genre just deleted from its factory information, and I am referring to love. It is precisely there where the purposes of God always move from there and that is precisely why sometimes it is difficult for us to understand this.

It is not about thinking, much less analyzing rationally and argumentatively, it is necessary to stop along the way, and stop our haste, our anxiety as well as the desire to know everything and dominate everything.
That is why meeting God’s purpose in the humanity of his son is not simply a philosophical fact or a fact of faith, it is a before and an after, one could say “before” love and “after” love having present that the purposes of God are never cold or systematic plans are only responses of a constant and unconditional feeling

When we realize that the purpose of God in the humanity of his son, lies in the simplicity of human reasoning and intellect … dismantling all kinds of elaborate and technical arguments, making us see and feel that God has only intended since the creation of the world is to understand human nature, at its root to fall and to what extent it has fallen so that God has the compassion necessary to become human so that we understand that God loves, waits but first of all listens and responds to the love that there is at.

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