The smallness of a soul is the greatness of a living God

When we speak of smallness, it is inevitable to think of the insignificant and perhaps disqualifying to our way of understanding, to believe that smallness is only to be less or to be only last. But we do not really realize what smallness and more than one soul really consists of …

We have moved through history and just our societies speak of “greatness” and always speak of “figuring” and being a supposed “center” that we do not really know what it is.

It is also very common to talk about “humbling ourselves before God” and this sometimes leads us to confuse this with smallness, and a big question arises: does God want his children to humble themselves? Because we know well that there was already someone who humbled himself for us: Jesus. Now let’s think: What father or mother wants the humiliation of their children? I think we would say that none would like to make our son live, such a situation. And we also tend to think that in that supposed “humiliations” is smallness.

While we keep in mind that a soul is infinite; Is it possible that this is small And more when we know how great is its creator? It would sound something paradoxical and perhaps contradictory when we ask ourselves this question, but we must go deeper into what it is to be small in spiritual terms.

Smallness is not a state but a value that is cultivated daily between the relationship with God as everything and I as nothing … and it is not a nothing of emptiness but of fragility and of waiting for everything from God, it is a symbiosis that leads me to live for him and without him I can not live … it is my littleness that glorifies God as Father (Abbá) transmits it to us alive and real.

The smallness is the courage to be amazed by what many fail to value, such as a sunrise or sunset and a sun, a rain, like the moon and the stars … even more is to see us with amazement of how unique we can be and how diverse we are, but first of all being unity.

Smallness is to believe in good … It is looking with the eyes that everything can be better, smallness always leads us to walk forward, because in our heart this conviction that love is the force that transforms and moves the world as God’s creation.

It is the smallness that leads us to see the world as our home, and see each person not as a foreigner or stranger to us but as a family of the same father. That is why being small is not being less, it is being free and learning every day what God wants to teach us, that is why smallness confuses our “greatness” because those great things only make us see what is not real or essential for our evolution.

That is why I am small and the greatness of God will always be with you.

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