Why do persecutions and incomprehensions serve?

Although, because of our nature of faith, we have been taught that persecution and misunderstanding by our fellow men would be normal, we seldom ask ourselves about their usefulness and about their objective regarding the spiritual health of a person.

When we confront this question with the reality of many brothers in the faith, the vast majority have a very epic concept about this reality, even many have not gone through it, but they only have the reference on this point.

The purpose of this article is aimed at all those who suffer from persecution and misunderstanding where I simply want to encourage and accompany this aspect that many people find it hard to understand and more in the midst of a society that is accustomed to being understood and accepted in other values that perhaps they are in contrast to the values of the gospel and its faith.

And also aims to raise awareness among people who have not yet experienced this, to not panic much less surprised but rather, they are prepared to actually cultivate the relationship with God in a way more profound.

Within the values of our world we always instill acceptance and somehow this acceptance sometimes gives us some security in doing things, but precisely, our teacher Jesus prepared us in front of this, so that we would never let ourselves fall in case of Be rejected and persecuted. Therefore, gospel values contrast certain things that society offers us. Precisely our faith and our convictions are like the gold and silver that are tested in the crucible and in this case the crucible is precisely the persecution and misunderstanding. Although, this is something quite painful and sad in the way of seeing, at its core this brings another effect.

An effect of; strength and fidelity … we begin to talk and feel different, because it is no longer an idea of God but an experience of God which is testified and not so much to justify, because sometimes we fall that we justify God in society as If it were an idea and this is not so , we must be clear that one of the characteristics of faith is precisely to be this prophetic , and throughout the history of our societies, the prophetism often falls ill and uncomfortable because from the prophetic character Are we called to announce, but what do we announce? We announce hope and justice. But we are also called to denounce and precisely denounce, the darkness of the human heart that enslaves and tramples the dignity of creation and humanity itself and this is where the seed of persecution and misunderstanding begins to be born , because many times it will not be pleasant to that God wants to manifest humanity with respect to his administration of freedom and all his actions.

The persecution was born as a response to the refusal to open the conscience in correcting the errors and the misunderstanding is the gesture of the one who did not want to realize the responsibilities that we have, that is why when we speak to serve the persecutions and the misunderstandings it is simple to detail that They help us to purify many events of our existence, from moments to people and places. 

Although it seems paradoxical, the persecution makes us free, but free in what? Free from attachments, free from disorderly affections, but first of all, fidelity and perseverance regarding convictions are forged, somehow it leads us to have a certain triumph over ourselves because this leads us to determine where we have our heart and to whom we have given our lives. 

This type of situation not only happens for priests but also for those who have sought a spiritual depth in their existence and that this life can no longer see it the same, that is why Jesus himself tells us about this kind of thing so that we are really free and learn that there are ephemeral values and things and that they will never give us fullness and that everything happens, is transitory, instead faith is something that always leads us to face and stand, persecutions make brave cowards, and misunderstanding makes of the sensitive strong and prudent.

All this leads us to have a clear conscience that we are only sowers and open roads we do not seek recognition, we only seek to do things consistently, so persecution and misunderstanding are the fertilizer of the earth that nourishes the seeds of consciousness in God.

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